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Is Employee Ownership right for your company?
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The Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force and the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership have a single focus – helping businesses to understand employee ownership, and the benefits to all involved.  Employee ownership is good for communities. Employees at employee-owned companies are 4 times less likely to be laid off and have retirement accounts that are 2.5 times greater than at comparable companies. 


Converting to employee ownership requires some help. Some of the things you may need include:


(Filing, paperwork, etc)


(Can we do this? What do we need?)


(Are there grants or loans available to offset costs? How does a seller get paid?)



(What skills need to be developed/added)?

Consulting/ Conversion

(How does all of this work?)

The Pittsburgh Task Force on Employee Ownership is grateful for the support of The City of Pittsburgh and The Heinz Endowments, who make it possible to bring positive change to the lives of working people in the Allegheny region.


Questions? Or just want to stay in touch?

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Meet Our Team

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The Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force on Employee Ownership was created with one goal in mind: to spread the word about employee ownership and its benefits to individuals all around the Pittsburgh region. The task force is comprised of government officials, academics, business owners, and employees alike. Click to view the full list of task force members. 

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