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SES ESOP Strategies - James Steiker,

Kreischer Miller - Mario O. Vicari,

Trout CPA Lancaster, PA - Michael Wolfe,

Barley Snyder - Drake Nicholas,

Grossman, Yanak & Ford LLP - Melissa A. Bizyak,

Business Transition Advisors - Daniel Zugell,


We provide no technical services, nor do we endorse any specific provider organizations. We do, however, keep a listing of subject matter experts who have demonstrated extensive experience and integrity in working with employee ownership clients, and have become known to us through their expertise. 

Employee Stock Ownership Plan Professionals List

Business Transition Advisors- Dan Zugell,

Value Management - Edward Wilusz,

Kreischer Miller - Mario O. Vicari,

Trout, CPA - Michael Wolfe,


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